Merger & Acquisitions

We possess the breadth of knowledge required to successfully acquire companies in India. Our top caliber team also has the expertise and experience to assist our clients in all the phases of an acquisition:
• Target identification
• Due-diligence
• Strategy formulation & closing and to deal with post closing issues.

The following factors contribute to our success:
• Specialization in mid- size acquisitions
• Understanding of the Indian Market
• Market research methodology and Identification of Targets
• Non aggressive, empathetic approach with family business targets
• Not pushing the deal – ability to walk away even at late stage
• Ability to negotiate

Our Key Points :

  • Post-transaction supportWe support clients in creating value from acquisitions by planning for tax efficient post-acquisition integration or post-divestiture reorganization as part of the deal process, helping realign operations to meet new business needs.
  • Integration planningour integration planning also seeks to leverage the commercial synergies of the deal by focusing on achieving the most favorable finance, employee benefits and trading structures.
  • Mitigation of riskswe protect the value in the deal by using well-established processes to identify, analyze and plan for the mitigation of the risks arising in corporate transactions.
  • Efficient and reliable deal executionWe achieve this by project managing our deals and exploiting our long established national and cross-border transaction management procedures.
  • Neutralizing cross-border risk — There are no surprises on our cross-border deals. Our lawyers anticipate issues likely to be faced not only in their own country but also in the other countries involved.
  • Capturing investment opportunityWe understand the diverse challenges presented by  private equity , and have a wealth of experience in structuring and executing institutional and management-led buyouts, public-to-privates, follow-on acquisitions, IPOs and trade sales.




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