BOT Model


A foreign company can enter the Indian market through various options available. The options are
• Set up a fully owned subsidiary
• Greenfield manufacturing
• Develop vendors for outsourcing
• Acquire an existing company or enter through a Build-Operate-transfer (BOT) method.

The protection of the interests, and maximum utilization of the client’s resources is our primary motive and we have developed the delivery models after considering all the factors. The objective of the company is grasped and every action is taken to achieve them. Strategic advice is given to fulfill the goals and the progress evaluated.

During the ‘Build’ phase, strategic advice to address the client’s business challenges and ROI objectives will be provided. In the ‘Operate’ phase, the progress and fine tune operations to meet defined goals will be tracked. Once the business becomes a self-sustaining unit, we will offer the option of ‘transfer’ back the business to its client.



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