India Market Research

Market research is an essential phase used to reduce the risks involved in establishing the business. Based on the need of the client we carry out research on the products, required investment, the target consumers, the competitors, research on distribution channels.

Industry Research :
We provide our clients with comprehensive economic information and for decision-making through an in-depth analysis of the industry which includes :
• Size and growth of Market
• Geographical distribution
• The applicable market
• Evaluation of industry chain
• Market competition and the key players
• Evaluation of industry trends and government's influence
• Judging the industrial potential

Product Research
Product market research helps in minimizing the risk that the company may encounter.
• Estimation of the market size
• Evaluation of demand and supply
• Segmentation characteristics of the market
• Analysis of product market prices
• Identification of key competitors
• Selection of distribution channels
• Analysis of market driving factors and market forecast

Research on distribution channel
• Analysis of channel pattern
• Identification of distribution partners
• Assessment management channel
• Strategy of variant market channel
• Strategic plans for channel promotion
• Selection of the best distribution channels

Competitor Research
It is essential to know the competitors before entering a new market to have an edge over others. The following help in this endeavor:
• Identifying major competitors
• Market share and position
• Research on competitors’ sales channels
• Target market and marketing strategy
• Competitors’ performance, advantages and disadvantages

Consumer Research
The product must be accepted by the consumers. The acceptability quotient is evaluated as follows :
• Identification of the consumers
• Consumer segmentation
• Needs and expectations of consumers
• The purchasing process
• The criteria on which consumers make decisions

Research on Investment
India has attracted foreign investment due to its growing infrastructure, low cost labor. The culture and business habits are extremely diverse which may lead to unwarranted risks. The following studies help to avoid such pitfalls:
• Market feasibility studies
• Investment policies studies
• Investment risk studies
• Risk control recommendation
•Research on investment model



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